Guider on the current situation regarding decision making of persons with special learning needs in form of interviews with adults with id, parents, therapists and trainers is ready and available in 7 languages: English and 6 languages of the 6 partners of DECIDER consortium (Polish, Greek, Spanish, Macedonian, Lithuanian and Catalan). You can find it and download it in LIBRARY section (PUBLICATIONS).

This guider includes fundamental and useful information about current situation with supported decision making (SDM) in every partner country, description of stories (service users, parents, supporters) and comments on the stories from layer and psychologist.

The goal of this publication is a provision of knowledge to supporters of persons with special learning needs on supported decision making and its impact on quality of their life.    

Article for DECIDER’s kick off meeting



Article for DECIDER’s kick off meeting

Title: DECIDER project has started!

Article: COVID-19 may be still here making things difficult to travel and meet but DECIDER project team from Poland, Spain, Greece, North Macedonia, and Lithuania, launched its kick-off meeting online on the 11-12 of January 2021.

What is DECIDER, you may ask. Decider is an ERASMUS+ project that aims to cover the lack of IT educational and training resources of staff working on the field of disability, on implementing Supported Decision Making (SDM) as a support service for people with disabilities aiming at the enhancement of their autonomy and Quality of life.

DECIDER’s ambition is inspired by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and specifically, its article 12 refers to equal recognition before the law on an equal basis with others. We plan through DECIDER to support UNCRPD to achieve its shift towards a human rights approach of legal capacity. SDM has been proven as an efficient mechanism to implement legal capacity, however, no country has reached a satisfactory level of structural implementation. There are several barriers to achieve this, including the lack of knowledge, mechanisms, and professional resources to make feasible the change of paradigm and DECIDER plans to investigate these issues and provide solutions!

DECIDER’s results will be based on the co-productive methodology which means that people with disabilities are included in the numerous activities carried out in the project to ensure greater efficacy in products and quick results.

If you are a person with a disability, a professional supporter, family member of policy maker interested on SDM then DECIDER will provide you with interesting news and tools in the following years to come!

The professionals will gain updated knowledge and implement SDM Rights-based services directly to persons with disabilities. This will lead to the shift of organisations to a supported decision-making approach service. The level of autonomy of people with disabilities will increase and they will be able to carry out decisions boosting their self-esteem and ameliorating the quality of their lives.

DECIDER will develop the following materials:

Guider on the Current situation regarding Decision Making of persons with Special Learning Needs.

  • Decider’s Application to be used by professionals and people with disabilities to support their decision making
  • Easy-to-read publication on Supported Decision Making for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Multimedia Package on Supported Decision Making for people with disabilities, their families, and supporters
  • Guidelines for professionals on the use of ICT based methodology on Supported Decision Making
  • Pedagogical Piloting of all the materials by the relevant shareholders.

Last but not least, all these will be achieved through the collaboration of six expert organisations in different areas of knowledge related to the field of disability, such as IT, the provision of support services for people with intellectual disabilities, a self-help organization, and educators and trainers, both people with disabilities and support professionals. The diverse typology of profiles in partnership allows a comprehensive approach to the main objective of providing a set of innovative, ICT-based, and fully accessible educational tools that allow the implementation of decision-making methodologies supported by support systems for persons with disabilities.

The organisations are the following: PSONI (Poland), Viltis (Lithuania), Support Girona (Spain), Campus Arnau D’ Escala (Spain), AktivUM (The Republic of North Macedonia), Margarita VTC (Greece)

During the Kick-off meeting, we got to know each other better and discussed some core subject areas regarding the project. This meeting has been very fruitful as we exchanged several points of view based on our different cultural and professional backgrounds.

Despite the practical issues that emanate from the corona virus outburst, we strongly believe that this project will be implemented successfully and will contribute to the promotion of the Supported Decision Making on people with special learning needs!

Article for DECIDER’s Second Online TPM

DECIDER  2020-1-PL01-KA204-081965

Article for DECIDER’s Second Online TPM

Title:DECIDER’s Meeting, Website and First Output!

Article:DECIDER’s project team held their second transnational project meeting on the 2nd of June, to discuss Supported Decision Making and how it can be improved through our project. COVID-19 didn’t allow us to visit beautiful Girona in Catalonia and meet face-to-face with our hosts from SUPPORT Girona and Campus Arnau as well as all the other organizations of the consortium: PSONI (Poland), Viltis (Lithuania), AktivUM (The Republic of North Macedonia) and Margarita VTC (Greece) but our virtual meeting was very productive!

In this meeting, we made several decisions and discussed about DECIDER’s webpage and information leaflets as well as our hashtags so you can find us more easily in Social Media!

If you want to learn more about Supported Decision Making please visit us on !

The highlight of the meeting though, was our first Output, a “CASE STUDY ON SUPPORTED DECISION-MAKING (SDM)”.

Material collected in this publication is based on the interviews with persons with special learning needs, their parents/guardians and supporters. Interviews were conducted by specialists representing project’s partners from Greece, Lithuania, Poland, North Macedonia, and Spain – Catalonia.

You can find and download our case study in the following link:

If you have any best practices or stories to share about Supported Decision Making, please use #deciderproject hashtag and connect with us!